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We develop creative design solutions to help our clients get the most from their workplace – minimising costs and maximising productivity.

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Steve Judge Directors

business development bringing geographical growth via marketing initiatives and service

Steve Judge, Managing Director

Steve is the Managing Director of Space Solutions and was responsible for the formation of the business in early 1997. His primary responsibilities relate to the delivery of strategic growth both in terms of service provision and geographical growth. Steve is actively involved in steering the business development team, marketing initiatives and tactics and provides direction to the management team within the business.

  • At Space Solutions we believe that design should not only inspire but improve the way businesses work
  • We understand the importance of surroundings and working environment and how that links to productivity
  • Space Solutions unique range of services enables us to let Client’s benefit from seeing the bigger picture
  • Space Solutions goal is to optimise workplaces through design
  • Space Solutions provides solutions to all challenges associated with the use of space
  • Space Solutions manages every aspect of the property process or provides a tailored service to suit the needs of the Client - we are totally flexible in this regard
  • Space Solutions combination of services is a unique aspect of our business and a key reason Clients find us easy to deal with
  • Space Solutions Clients can benefit from a comprehensive turnkey service or can cherry pick from our suite of services to complement existing resources”. Space Solutions acts as a single point of contact, taking responsibility for all aspects of a project, which minimises risk, saves money and allows Clients to focus on their core business
  • Geographic and service diversities give Space Solutions a unique position in the marketplace as well as strength and depth of resource
  • Space Solutions expertise in individual or turnkey projects and ability to deliver rapid mobilisaiton, represents a faster route to delivery, saving time on projects
  • Space Solutions engage with Clients at a strategic level allowing us to demonstrate value
  • Space Solutions is committed to the continued development of relevant services that add value for our Clients