Agent Design Support

Space Solutions Agent Design Brochure

For 20 years we have enjoyed working with the agent community across Scotland and understand the amount of work required to assist your clients in making the right decisions.

You help clients secure a new home for their business and key to that engagement is helping them visualise their...

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Inspiring People by Design - 2017 Brochure

Inspiring People by Design Brochure

Intelligent and inspiring design combined with excellent delivery has two distinct groups of benefits:

The project benefits come from working with Space Solutions as a one stop shop to both design and deliver your new work environment. A holistic view and understanding of the project can...

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Workplace Strategy Consultancy Brochure

Workplace consultancy focuses on the relationship between people and space.  A workplace strategy designed and implemented by our team can result in immense benefits to your organisation and staff.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling) Brochure

Space Solutions, office design, Scotland

Building information modelling (BIM) is the current industry buzzword driven by the UK government to deliver efficiencies to publicly funded construction projects. 

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Corporate Real Estate Services (CRES) Brochure

Corporate Real Estate is no longer just about bricks and mortar. Today a structured approach to people, property and technology is required to realise potential operational and financial benefits to your business.

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FF&E Consultancy Brochure

Expertise, experience and impartiality are the benefits to engaging with Space FF&E Consultancy.

Expertise – our consultants are FF&E specialists, proficient in BIM and the technical skills required for delivery, knowledgeable about the trends in furniture and trained in the Space...

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Unlocking Efficiency in a Business

Digital revolution, ongoing economic challenges and the growing proportion of millennial generation workers have all contributed to a number of changes in work styles, the subsequent design of workplaces and a need by businesses to operate as efficiently as possible.

Can all these...

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Gym and Leisure - 2016 Brochure

Meeting consumer needs is your big challenge in 2016. It is an opportunity to distance yourself from the competition by adding something new: flexible memberships, increased accessibility, personalisation of experience and technological and social integration.

This is the time for you to...

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How to Attract and Retain Staff

The need to attract and retain talent in the Technology sector is well documented. With a shortage of candidates and employees facing a wealth of potential opportunities it is increasingly challenging for technology businesses at all stages of growth to recruit and retain staff.

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Managing Growth

Staff appraisals are a valuable part of commercial life allowing employees and employers to get the best out of each other by providing a structured way to develop their relationship over time. For
many businesses extending this sort of approach to their commercial property is a step too...

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